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In order to receive care after a Motor Vehicle Accident you should:​​

  1. If you are servery injured or sustained a head injury seek medical help immediately. 

  2. Inform your insurance company that you have been in an accident. 

  3.  Book an assessment with a Physio therapist or Chiropractor. They will have your situation assessed and documented. This serves as a baseline for your care and as evidence of your situation if you proceed to court. Based on your assessment, you will be assigned permission to access either 10 or 21 treatments for your condition. This must be done within 10 Days of your accent. 

  4. The physio or chiropractor will fill out your AB-1 and AB-2 forms with with.

  5. Then they create a treatment plan for you. 

  6. Massage is good to start 2-3 weeks post accident. 


On your first appointment:

  1. You will be asked to fill-out a detailed Health History form.

  2. An assessment of your physical condition will be completed and a custom treatment plan will be developed. 



Once you are out of protocol, you will have to go through your personal benefits first and then you will receive $250 from the MVA claim. 

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