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Are you drinking enough water?

Here's what drinking enough water can do for you

Increased Energy

Better Digestion

Mood Stabilizer

Clearer Skin

Decreased Wrinkles

Improved Liver Function

Better Memory

Decreased Muscle pain

Increased immune system


How much should I drink?

Here are some recommendations

Females: 2.7L / 91 oz

Males: 3.7L/ 125 oz

This should be drank over the day, not all at once.

Best way to monitor if you are hydrated is the color of your pee. Light Yellow = Hydrated Dark/Bright Yellow = Dehydrated


How do I do it? Track

Apps. There are multiple apps that you can use as reminders.

Paper. Tally how many glasses you are having a day.

Daily Intake water bottle (personal favorite)

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