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Canmore Massage| Sports Massage

Lorel has recently become a member of the Canadian Sports Massage Therapist Association.

What does this mean?

Lorel has joined a high level of sports massage therapist in Canada to provide massage to high level athletes across the county. If you are an athlete participating in an event Sports massage can help with warm up, performance and recovery.

Pre- Event: We get you READY! Massage applied close to start of competition or event.

Inter-Event: We help you with cool down and prepare for next event. Massage applied between events.

Post-Event: We help you relax and recover after competition. Part of cool down.

Training/Restorative: We help you recover so that you can train harder and at a higher level. Regular massage is integrated into the athletes training schedule.

If you are participating in an event or training in the Canmore or Calgary area, be sure to reach out and see how we can help.

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