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Edmonton: Fun Things To Do

Located in Northern Alberta, Edmonton is a great place to explore the North Saskatchewan River Valley and take an approach to Alberta different from Calgary. Some fun things to do while you’re in Edmonton are:

This massive 490,000 square metre mall houses over 800 stores and services, and is the largest mall in North America. Over 32 million people visit the WEM each year, with some coming to shop, while others seek out the mall’s attractions. The mall has a waterpark, mini putt, a massive pirate ship, movie theatre, skating rink, and a theme park! Not to mention, it also has a hotel on-site for anyone who just can’t get enough, and a casino for people over-age.

In contrast, the River Valley and it’s parks are nothing like the mall. They are quiet and peaceful (unless you walk by a running group or some dogs). Anyhow, the River Valley is actually made up of 20 different parks that combined are 22 times larger than Central Park in New York City!

The River Valley in Edmonton features golf courses, nature centres, 22 ravines, and 11 lakes.

Edmonton is home to a massive Ukrainian population. Therefore, there is a Ukrainian Cultural Heritage Village to showcase this. The open-air museum is a provincial historic site that is just outside of the city and showcases over 30 historic buildings, gardens, and monuments that depict the life of settlers between 1899 and 1930. Workers are dressed in traditional costumes and do activities that were a part of everyday life back then, so guests can see gardens being tended to, bread being baked, blacksmiths hard at work, and wood being carved.

The Edmonton Valley Zoo features over 350 animals from all over the world, and over 100 species. The zoo also works to raise awareness of endangered animals. You could spend an entire day here, exploring the eight different areas of the zoo, all of which are home to different animals from different parts of the world.

Whyte Avenue and Old Strathcona are located in the south central part of Edmonton, near the University of Alberta. In the fall and winter months, you’ll find students parading amongst the bars and restaurants up and down Whyte Ave. During the summer, you’ll find locals shopping or dining at the restaurants and enjoying the nightlife.

Home to many star-studded performances, the Jube features the Edmonton Opera, the Alberta Ballet, and many more. This is one of the province’s leading performance and cultural centres and is an arts learning venue for kids and adults.


Edmonton is home to many (many) festivals each year, but especially during the summer months. People from all over North America flock to the city to attend the growing festivals each year, and it’s no surprise they keep getting bigger and bigger! Some notorious festivals in Edmonton include:

  • Taste of Edmonton: July 22-Aug 1

  • Edmonton Heritage Festival: July 31 - Aug 2

  • Edmonton Folk Music Festival: Aug 6 - 8

  • Edmonton Fringe Festival: Aug 12 - 22

  • Edmonton Craft Beer Festival: Oct 22 - 23

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