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Massage Edmonton| In Home Massage

Updated: Nov 27, 2019

Hi my name is Camille Wallach, owner and registered massage therapist at Mobile Massage, we are changing the way you do Wellness.

We all have busy lives with work, kids, sports, and life in general sometimes there's just no time, we want to save you time by providing you a massage in your home right to your house. We bring everything that we need to work with us to provide you with the most relaxing yet therapeutic massage we can.

Why would you want an in home massage?

The convenience factor no driving back and forth between the clinic.

Edmonton is very cold most of the year, let us take on those winter roads and you can just jump into the shower or bath after treatment.

Parents you don't have to worry about childcare you can just switch in and out between massages.

We also provide online booking and direct billing for more convenience.

If you live in Sherwood Park, Edmonton or St. Albert we would be happy to come to your house!

Please check our online booking site or give us a call 780-340-4841

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