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Issues Massage Can Help With

Contrary to popular belief, massage is not just for the tranquility or relaxation it is connected with. Of course, that is always a part of the treatment, however, therapeutic massage is effective in treating a wide range of ailments as well. Mobile Massage offers multiple different types of massages and our therapists will customize each treatment to match the needs of every individual that we treat.


Stress is the new silent killer (after cholesterol) and we see so many of our patients struggling with stress related injuries, illnesses and concerns every day. When it comes to technique– Swedish massage is the most popular type of treatment for relieving tension build up related to stress within the body. Swedish massage is the baseline for all other types of massages, as it uses mild, moderate and/or deep strokes on the back, arms, legs, neck and other body parts to target tissue and muscles.

Pain Relief

Another popular ailment treated by massage therapists is pain. Whether it’s due to sports injuries, motor vehicle accidents or other, the most important first step is finding a therapist that you are comfortable with and is qualified to treat your specific injuries or concerns. At Mobile Massage, our therapists offer a magnitude of pain relief (and other) training certifications, and are continuously being re-certified in the field.

A popular choice for soothing pain and tension is therapeutic or deep tissue massage. This is essentially a Swedish massage on steroids with the goal of targeting chronic pain and injury by releasing toxing, tension and overall pain.


Prior to booking your appointment, it’s important to let them know if you are expecting or have just given birth recently. Specialized pregnancy massages can help alleviate stress and anxiety, swelling, muscle pain and cramps, and improve your quality of sleep. With regular treatments, additional benefits may include lowering the risk of premature birth and reducing the baby’s stress hormones. We recommend always speaking with your medical practitioner prior to seeking alternative treatments while pregnant to ensure maximum safety for yourself and the baby.


Some studies have shown that massage therapy is beneficial for cancer patients during and following treatment. It is also possible that massage therapy can counteract some of the negative symptoms of cancer and side-effects of cancer treatments for patients.

The promotion of relaxation and reduction of tension can relieve stress and improve overall mood, which increases one’s quality of life. Massage therapy is also beneficial for improving sleep and reducing pain. Ultimately, if nothing at all– massage therapy provides a positive touch, which might feel caring and welcoming in the midst of unpleasant cancer treatments.

Of course, we do recommend seeking the advice of your certified medical practitioner prior to turning to massage therapy if you have been diagnosed with cancer. Massage therapy is not a treatment for cancer. It simply compliments cancer treatments by alleviating negative side-effects.


Massage therapy is beneficial in treating a wide variety of mental illnesses, depression included. When it comes to managing depression, massage therapy can be an excellent way of gaining a sense of relief and mind-body connection. If your depression is related largely to stress, massage treatments are a good option to relieve stress and tension build up in the body and promote overall relaxation.

The addition of aromatherapy massage (essential oils) for people suffering from depression is a good way to settle stress and also give you a good energy boost. Another option is a hot stone massage, in which your therapist will place warmed, flat stones on your body to help promote further relaxation.

If you have any questions regarding cupping please do not hesitate to contact us using the forum on our website or at Prior to booking your first appointment, we recommend that you refer to the ‘1st Appointment’ section of our website for relevant information, as well as our ‘informative FAQ video’ for a seamless setup on the day of your treatment. And of course, make sure you are staying updated with our social media for new locations, new therapists, wellness tips and more!

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