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Kelowna: Fun Things To Do

Ah yes, a wine lover’s dream. Who wouldn’t love to spend a weekend (or week) in the beautiful, sunny Okanagan valley? Kelowna, British Columbia boasts tons of fun activities, and no matter if you’re a summer or winter person, the charming city offers non-stop fun all year round! With a variety of local activities and seriously good eats, you’ll already be booking your next trip before you’re even gone.

Farmers and Crafters Market

If you’re seeking locally sourced fruits, vegetables, hand-made goods, and just about anything sourced from BC alone – it’ll be here! The Saturday Farmer’s Market is a hit with locals and tourists alike, whether you’re stopping by for some breakfast crepes, or souvenir shopping, you won’t leave empty-handed.

Afraid you’ll miss it in the winter? Don’t worry! The market moves indoors when the weather gets too cold. This way the local love keeps on going all year round.

Wine Tastings and Tours

Naturally, if you’re in wine country (and of legal drinking age) you must stop by at least one (or five) wineries. Each one is so unique and has its own story– how it started, what goes into its bottle, the taste notes, etc. Even if you aren’t a huge wine drinker, you might just be surprised by a few little hole-in-the-wall spots here and there.

Some must-see wineries are:

CedarCreek Estate Winery (Book in advance)

You Should Really Eat Here

Kelowna is bursting with vibrant fruits and vegetables, making for some tasty meals – many of which come locally sourced. One thing you will find is that Kelowna is very trendy and young and that most places will offer a vegan option to accommodate the growing population of #vanlife travellers and students in the area. However, there is also a growing population of young families in the outskirts of the city as well. This makes for some amazing restaurants that you seriously gotta try.

The Lake

Kelowna surrounds a huge lake, which has a tonne of rentals if you aren’t from the area or don’t own your own equipment. Popular water sports include:

  • Boating and tubing

  • Kayaking and canoeing

  • Paddleboarding

  • Pedal boats

The surrounding beaches are also quite popular, but we suggest going early to secure a spot as they can get quite busy. However, you’ll find activities such as soccer, beach volleyball, food trucks, and more!

Winter Sports

Big White is the mountain populated by most staying in Kelowna. It’s a great place for skiing, snowboarding, skating, and more. It’s the perfect winter getaway for your family and friends! Also, it’s only a short drive from Kelowna itself so you can easily get into town if you want a day off the hill.

For those looking to ski Big White, the mountain does offer accommodations, but we suggest booking in advance especially during the holidays or extended weekends.

Kangaroo Creek Farm

If you’re an animal lover, or an Aussie missing home, take a visit to the Kangaroo Creek Farm. Here you can hang out with these rescued kangaroos for an afternoon on the farm. In addition to kangaroos, they also have sugar gliders and parrots. A great place for families!

Moccasin Trails

Head across the lake to West Kelowna and learn about Indigenous culture. Here you can take a tour of the land and water that Canada’s Indigenous population has travelled for generations.

If you’re looking for something to do with a team, Moccasin Trails also offers team-building tours and activities that can be booked through their website.

Mobile Massage

And after a long day of activities and wine-tasting, we know you’re going to be exhausted and not want to leave the comfort of your room. Mobile Massage offers in-home (or in-room) massages for individuals or groups, based on availability. Our therapists are trained in a wide range of specialities and will be sure to leave you feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready to take on tomorrow’s adventure!

If you have any questions about Mobile Massage, please reach out to us through the contact us page on our website. Also, be sure to follow Mobile Massage on social media for more information about new locations, therapists and wellness!

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