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Massage And Anxiety

One of the most common mood disorders present in today’s society is anxiety. Whether it’s due to the rise of social media, stress or new work-life dynamics is a whole other blog in itself. What is helpful to note is that massage therapy is effective in the reduction of anxiety, especially with regular treatments. Massage therapists are trained in a wide range of specialized techniques to help people suffering with anxiety reduce their symptoms, such as: reduce stress hormones that contribute to anxiety, promote a relaxing environment during your treatment, release tense muscles and relieve inflammation, and also turn on your happy brain!

Stress Hormones

The hormone cortisol, is produced by our bodies when we are under prolonged periods of stress. This can do damage to our bodies when there is too much of it, specifically in regards to our mood. We tend to feel anxious or ‘on edge’ which can lead to an even greater spike in the hormone itself. High cortisol levels can also contribute to weight gain, high blood pressure, muscle weakness, osteoporosis and other mood disorders such as depression.

Massage helps reduce the cortisol levels in our body by promoting a sense of relaxation and peace within our environment. This promotes a gradual decrease in how much cortisol is being produced by our adrenal glands, and the negative effects being felt by our bodies.

Reducing Pain and Muscle Tension

Typically when we are anxious, we tend to tense up physically as well as mentally. Our muscles will contract and instead of moving fluidly, we grow stiff. Additionally, any tension or pain caused by panic attacks, can be manually massaged out and muscled can be loosened by therapists.

Anxiety can also be caused by pain in the body. For some people, their bodies react to pain by worrying about the things they can no longer due because of their injury. This can create anxious feelings and more tension than was already present. Massage therapists can incorporate techniques to relax patients and promote a restorative healing process towards to road of recovery.

Activation of Happy Brain

Otherwise known as the pregenual anterior cingulate cortex, the part of our brain where we can experience feelings of happiness, can be activated by massage therapy. This can reduce feelings of anxiety and other mood disorders by promoting feelings of wellbeing and positivity with regular treatments.

Take Away

Anxiety and other mood disorders are becoming more frequent in mainstream media, and have since grown in size. The treatment of anxiety is not going to be the same for each individual, because not every one person is the same.

It’s important to understand what is the root cause of your anxiety (or mood disorder) and find the best treatment for you. It is always recommended that you seek the advice of your medical doctor if you are struggling to balance your anxiety with daily life, and they can provide options for next steps based on your individual needs and health history.

If you have any questions regarding cupping please do not hesitate to contact us using the forum on our website or at Prior to booking your first appointment, we recommend that you refer to the ‘1st Appointment’ section of our website for relevant information, as well as our ‘informative FAQ video’ for a seamless setup on the day of your treatment. And of course, make sure you are staying updated with our social media for new locations, new therapists, wellness tips and more!

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