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Pregnancy And Massage

Ah pregnancy, the miracle of bringing a little bundle of joy into the world. Except, what most people fail to shine much light on is the back pain, sore joints, swollen feet, morning sickness that’s never just in the morning, and more. Have no fear, our Mobile Massage therapists are here to save the day and provide you with relief just when you need it the most.

While you're pregnant, you want nothing more than to protect your growing baby from the dangers of the outside world. That being said, you’re constantly questioning anything that could potentially harm your growing child. Luckily for you, a restorative and relaxing massage is just what the doctor ordered, and will have you feeling much more rejuvenated by easing any muscle tension and pain. However, it’s important to tell your therapist, no matter what stage in your pregnancy you’re at, that you are pregnant before the treatment begins. This way the therapist can avoid using any harsh maneuvers or unsafe aromatherapy oils.

Prenatal massage specifically will help target any aches and pains during your pregnancy, but it is not always suitable for every person or every pregnancy. It’s important that you always check with your doctor beforehand to ensure that you are in the clear and safe to go ahead with the massage.

  • Pain Relief

  • Swelling Reduction

  • Improved Sleep

  • Promotes Relaxation & Stress Reduction

Prenatal massage differs from your regular deep tissue massage in that the positioning of the client changes. Once the female hits around 20 weeks, laying on her back can reduce blood flow and be uncomfortable, so the massage is done with the client laying on their side. Oftentimes the use of bolsters, pillows and other objects can be used to aid the therapist and assist in providing comfort to the client.

Additionally, as opposed to having deep, hard strokes. The therapist will opt for lighter pressure strokes. This will ensure the therapist is not hurting the baby and will be tailored to the client’s health concerns.

If you have any questions about Mobile Massage, please reach out to us through the contact us page on our website. Also, be sure to follow Mobile Massage on social media for more information about new locations, therapists and wellness!

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