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Weekend Warriors And Massage

Now that most of Canada seems to be open, people are eager to get back into their “normal” routines. Establishing a routine can be challenging when you only make it so far as two days before you fall back into old habits, making the process all that more frustrating. Weekend warriors can be coined by people struggling with balancing their everyday work lives and living healthy active lives on the weekends.

Monday to Friday

If your job demands that you work Monday to Friday, this can be a challenge to establish your own “healthy routine” to balance out your work life. People who struggle with finding ways to propel their new habits beyond Saturday and Sunday often find that Monday is plagued with fatigue from hours spent at work and not enough time just getting to focus on them (if only there was a day between Sunday and Monday).

Saturday and Sunday

For most, having two days off can be the most gratifying thing to just relax and let loose, or spend some much needed time re-establishing your wellness routine. Whether that means green juices and 1km runs or 10am yoga classes and a new pair of Lululemon yoga pants, weekends are for whatever you picture yourself doing to improve your mood, health, and overall wellbeing.

How Massage Can Help

Massage therapy is a great way to balance out the hiccup between being a weekend warrior and establishing a solid routine. Regular massage is beneficial in:

  • Promoting stress relief

  • Relaxation

  • Easing sore muscles and inflammation (if your new routine includes exercise)

  • Promoting digestion (if you’ve introduced new foods or a change in diet)

  • Promoting better sleep

You’ll find yourself leaving your massage with an improved mood and a more positive outlook on your routine and your entire week, and you’ll be eager for your next treatment!

If you have any questions about Mobile Massage, please reach out to us through the contact us page on our website. Also, be sure to follow Mobile Massage on social media for more information about new locations, therapists and wellness!

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