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Why Touch Is Helpful For Mental Health

Mental health has become increasingly widespread in recent years, and the onset of a global pandemic has only heightened people’s stress levels. What many don’t know is that massage therapy, and more specifically, touch therapy, can actually be beneficial for treating and decreasing the symptoms of some mental illnesses.

Basic warm touch calms cardiovascular stress, since it activates the release of oxytocin (the “love hormone”) by activating the body’s vagus nerve. Proper use of touch therapy is more cost effective than pharmaceuticals and is beneficial to people struggling with some forms of mental illness. For example, touching patients with Alzheimer’s disease can have huge effects on getting them to relax and make emotional connections with others, while reducing their symptoms of depression.

It makes perfect sense, since from the time we are babies, we crave love and affection from our parents. That affection is shown by hugs, kisses, and by touch. This promotes a relationship between the parent and the baby.

Physical touch increases levels of dopamine and serotonin, two neurotransmitters that help to regulate your mood and relieve stress and anxiety. Dopamine is also what helps regulate the pleasure center in your brain that can offset feelings of anxiety. The release of these feel-good hormones can decrease cortisol and norepinephrine and end up decreasing your symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Massage therapy (touch therapy) can be an excellent starting place for someone struggling with stress or anxiety. However, if you find that your overall health or life may be at risk, we recommend that you seek professional help from your doctor or at a hospital.

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