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Why We Ask For A Health History

Getting a massage can be a different experience for everyone. Whether you’re seeking stress relief, targeting pain and inflammation or you just want to relax and promote a more restful sleep- the importance of telling your therapist about any underlying health conditions or medications still remains.

If you’re pregnant or just had a baby, the massage would then be considered a prenatal or postpartum massage and would differ in the techniques the therapist uses in order to protect the baby (prenatal) or to protect your healing body (postpartum). Additionally, if your therapist uses bolsters, pillows or other additions to aid in your comfort for prenatal massages and the positioning of clients, this would be important information for them to know ahead of time so they could have the proper items set aside for the treatment.

With injuries it’s important that you let the therapist know at the time of booking so they can be prepared ahead of time and also let you know if they are the right therapist for your treatment. Some therapists specialize in certain injuries, with others specialize in more restorative or relaxation massages, so it’s important to go over any injuries you’re looking to have sorted out ahead of time. Additionally, if you don’t want your injury massaged, you need to let your therapist know before the treatment begins so that they can avoid the area and make the treatment as enjoyable for you as possible.

If you have started any new medications, such as anti-inflammatory drugs, you may be less sensitive to pain, and if you see your therapist on a regular basis, this is relevant information to tell them. If you don’t, they may assume that your base pain tolerance is higher than what it actually is, and your follow up treatments could be much more uncomfortable later on.

Lastly, if you are prone to blood clots or kidney stones, you will want to let the therapist know so they can be as careful as possible. The risk of massaging the blood clot towards the brain could be detrimental. Ultimately, it is best to always check with your doctor if you are unsure about seeking a massage for treatment with your condition, and always (always) let your massage therapist know before the treatment begins of any underlying health conditions and medications you are on so they can tailor your treatment to best suit your needs.

If you have any questions about Mobile Massage, please reach out to us through the contact us page on our website. Also, be sure to follow Mobile Massage on social media for more information about new locations, therapists and wellness!

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