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Children’s Massages: Why Your Whole Family Needs a Massage

At Mobile Massage we treat patients as young as 5, so long as the patient is able to willingly sustain the treatment. Children’s massages are often overlooked as a service at many facilities, regardless of the reasoning– we understand the needs of your entire family, and see the benefit of regular massage treatments.

My child doesn’t seem to be complaining of pain, why do they need a massage?

Simply put, you know your child best. What is their daily routine? Are they an avid athlete? If so, they likely are dealing with some inflammation or muscle soreness from training. Do they play video games or spend hours texting their friends? Your child is likely a victim of what we call ‘text neck’ which could be causing some tension, and lead to other side effects such as headaches if left untreated.

When we book a massage, typically the first one is left for when we are at our worst pain or suffering, but follow up treatments are booked for maintenance. Children, unlike adults, are not familiar with how to express that same feeling and understand the necessity of massage therapy until they experience the benefits first hand.

Ultimately, if you feel that your child is not ready for their first massage, then maybe this post is not relevant to you. However, when they are ready, you will have all the information pertinent to their first booking.

What is the benefit of having my child’s first massage with Mobile Massage?

At Mobile Massage, our team of highly experienced and trained RMTs will ensure maximum comfort and care for your loved ones. Your child will get to experience their first massage in the comfort of their own home– a familiar space, in which they can feel more relaxed. You are able to be close by, and they will experience the maximum benefits of the treatment, while still maintaining the comforts and security of their home and family.

Our therapists are all registered RMTs, meaning they have completed their required certifications. All Mobile Massage therapists are highly trained and experienced working with people of all ages, and have treated a wide range of ailments.

Will my child be covered for massage treatments provided by the RMT?

Depending on your individual benefit plan, your child typically will have the same coverage as you do for massage therapy and acupuncture. If this is a concern of yours, please reach out to your benefit provider prior to booking the appointment as we do request direct billing information upon booking.

On the date of your child’s first appointment, their therapist will go over a health history with them. If they are under the age of 18, or upon request, you are able to accompany them during this time. We also ask that a parent or guardian signs a consent form prior to the treatment for any child under the age of 18.

Children and Mental Health

Massage therapy is beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, stress and improving sleep. With school, friends, social media and constant change, kids are constantly facing stressors in their lives. Massage therapists release tension built up in the body and allow for the release of toxins, inflammation and the promotion of healing and relaxation. This will result in overall improved mood, a more positive outlook on life, less tension, a stronger immune system, and more!

Sleep is essential for children as they continue to develop throughout their young lives. Our therapists will assess any concerns or build up tension in the body and release it to promote a deeper, higher quality sleep for your child. This will result in overall better health outcomes as your child ages.

If you have any questions or concerns about booking your first appointment or your child’s first massage treatment, please contact us at Prior to your first appointment, feel free to head to our website and watch the ‘informative FAQ video’ where we explain how to prepare for your first Mobile Massage for a seamless setup and some words from our owner, Camille. Ensure you are following us on social media to stay up to date with new locations, new therapists and more!

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